Photo Challenge – Letter D – 4 Letters Words

Breezy Point, Minnesota.

I enjoy sharing my take on the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, however this week it happens to be in hiatus. I follow some other photo challenges for theme ideas on my Photo By Johnbo Facebook Page here. Every day I post a photo that fits the weekly challenge theme that I have culled from one photo site or another. This week, in the absence of the WPC challenge, I am entering another photo challenge that I follow regularly. Cee Neuner was one of the first photo blogs I encountered when I started this blogging adventure over four years ago.

Cee’s challenge topic this week features four-letter words… starting with ‘D’. Since I don’t have any pics of the obvious 4-letter ‘D’ word, I selected ‘Dock’. Scrolling through my gallery of images, I found the photo above. It’s one of my favorites. The early morning sun gave everything that ‘golden hour’ glow. The photo took on an appearance of an autumn morning, but truth be told, this image was captured in the spring. Some browsers allow you to click on the image to enlarge it. This picture is best viewed with a black surround. Try clicking on it to see if you can get a better view.

Breezy Point is a resort in northern Minnesota. I happened to be there for a conference, not a vacation. No doubt, with beautiful scenery like this, I’ll be back some day soon for a few days of R&R.

John Steiner


  1. 4 letter D words eh. How about dumb. As in it would’ve been dumb not to submit this pic as it’s a perfect fit! LOL Hope you have a good weekend!

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