Weekly Photo Challenge – Pedestrian

Mazatlan, Mexico.

For this week’s photo challenge, Krista Stevens asks that we consider the term “pedestrian” in all of its contexts. I chose the literal interpretation, allowing me to share a glimpse of street photography, something that I am not particularly good at.  You can read Krista’s entire challenge post, and see a beautiful view of the Red River at Winnipeg here In my opening image, a clown entertains a small number of pedestrians on a street corner in Mexico. I’m not sure of the clown’s juggling ability, as you can see, I caught him in mid-pindrop.

A lone pedestrian strolls along the sidewalk while others prefer to walk on the beach at dusk in Mazatlan, Mexico. As the sun sets on the offshore islands at one of my favorite vacation spots, I bid you farewell and safe travels.

John Steiner


  1. Clowns continue to terrify me… Ditto the opinion that Mazatlan is a vacation fave, slightly touristy, but not so much that it’s hard to find Mexican food, like Cozumel and other cities of its ilk.

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