San Antonio River Cruise – Views Along the Urban Waterway

San Antonio, Texas.

A national conference brought me to San Antonio for the first time. Regular readers already know that I spent much of my free time during my week-long stay just outside our hotel enjoying the sights and sounds of the River Walk. Of the many sights and historic locations in this beautiful Texas city, the River Walk is probably the best bang for the buck. It costs you only your time unless you choose to spend your money at one of the many restaurants and other shops that line the canal. You can read more about the canal from my earlier post here.

The focus of this post is to share a gallery of photos captured along the canal during one of the inexpensive cruises. For those of a certain age, like myself, a senior ticket was only $7 in the summer of 2017. As a result, I found myself on one of the cruise boats on two separate occasions, once in the afternoon and once in the early evening. The gallery below is a mixture of images from those trips. Other than the image above featured to give you an idea of what the cruise boats look like, the images were captured while on the cruise. Each boat operator provided a running commentary of the many sights along the river.

This post reflects a change in my photo processing workflow. Since beginning this blog, most of the images I’ve processed for publication here have been developed in Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop Elements. Awhile back I started using some of the NIK tools for HDR or black-and-white enhancement on specific images. With this collection of images, most of them were processed with basic development in Lightroom and then each image was exported to Luminar 2018 for further processing. If you have an opinion as to the change in style you may notice, please comment. I am open to constructive criticism, so tell me honestly whether you like the new style or not. As always, in most browsers, you can click on an image to enlarge it and to scroll through the gallery.

John Steiner

7 thoughts on “San Antonio River Cruise – Views Along the Urban Waterway

  1. Great shots! You’ve sold me on San Antonio as a destination. The ample parking alone begs for a visit. The photo editing looks great. Vivid. They do load a lot slower now… However that’s probably not a concern with most internet connections. Just ours. D’oh!

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