Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction – A Scottsdale Tradition for 47 Years

Scottsdale, Arizona.

Last week, my sister and her friend came to visit us in Buckeye. On Wednesday we made the annual pilgrimage to Westworld, the site of the 47th Annual Scottsdale auction. Since wintering in Arizona starting in 2012, I haven’t missed attending this iconic auction. I always leave with over a hundred images to select from for sharing with you… but never any automobiles. You see, my friends, my budget won’t allow me to even consider bidding on the vehicles I might wish to own. Having said that, it costs only a couple of sawbucks to look… but don’t touch, the owners get testy. Wouldn’t you, if you owned the mid-50s era Chevy like the one in the photo above?

Ford is bringing back the Mustang Bullitt as a salute to the 1968 Mustang that Steve McQueen drove in the movie of the same name. This car is a 2019 model, VIN #001 of a limited edition production run. The car was donated for auction by the Ford Motor Company and the McQueen estate. The auction sale was 100% for charity and the proceeds went to the Boys Republic, a school and treatment facility for troubled boys. On the Friday evening sale, the car brought $300,000 for the school.

Probably the most technically advanced vehicle I saw at the show, this Tesla SUV sports the largest screen display of any I’ve ever seen in a vehicle. There are too many features to list in addition to cup holders. >grin<

There is never a shortage of unusual “vehicles”. This year, probably the most unusual is this 1969 Cadillac “Carpool DeVille”. The trunk contains the pool equipment. According to the information on the Barrett-Jackson docket, the car holds the Guinness World Record for “World’s Fastest Mobile Hot Tub.” A note on the post indicates that the vehicle cannot be registered or driven on public streets. It sold at auction for $26,400.  This year’s review of my trip to the auction is short on words. I will let the vehicles speak for themselves. On most browsers, clicking on an image below will enlarge it and allow you to scroll through the gallery.


2 thoughts on “Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction – A Scottsdale Tradition for 47 Years

  1. It’s sooo freakin’ cool ya’ get to go to this every year! Oh snap, that mustang is off the chain, on the other hand the car-tub, meh. Thanks as usual for sharing pics of these iconic, UN-affordable beauties!

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