52-Week Photo Challenge – Week 24: Contrast

This week, we are challenged to look for contrasts in the photos we compose. In my opening image, a well-dressed individual walks along a dirt-paved alleyway in a small town in Mexico. 

One of the things I enjoy most about Boston is the age of the city. Unlike most of the places I visited in my life, mostly mid-west and western states, Boston is a very old city. In the photo above, one of the many cemeteries that were filled to capacity in the 17th and 18th centuries lie well-kept and respected next to buildings of a much more modern era.

The western states have seen a severe water shortage due to drought conditions in recent years. There is no more visible proof of the scarcity of water than in this photo of a river in New Mexico.  The docks were built for a time when the river was a major recreational area. This photo is four years old. I’d love to see the view today. I believe things have improved, but don’t know for sure.

Moving to a different location in New Mexico, the high plains near Socorro feature a 27-dish radio telescope array known simply as the Very Large Array. Such a clever and creative name from this group of scientists who designed and built one of the largest radio telescopes in the world. The dish field is much larger than the image would make it appear. Each of the dishes are on tracks and can be repositioned as needed by the masters of the giant telescope.

Aviation is changing. These two chairs are for the pilot and co-pilot of a large research drone. Tucked into a metal portable storage unit firmly fastened to the ground and sprouting electrical, computer, air conditioning, and photography monitoring gear, there’s room for a cowboy hat, more room than would be in an actual aircraft cockpit.

This last image is just for my own enjoyment. The stark contrast between the water and land is made less noticeable by the heavy overcast skies. The photo was captured from the deck of a cruise ship sailing in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.

John Steiner

2 thoughts on “52-Week Photo Challenge – Week 24: Contrast

  1. You jet setter! Once again I feel privileged to access these sights if only vicariously through your blog. With the exception of the Boston cemetery of course. LOL Happy travels!

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