This Week’s Photo Challenge – Silhouettes

In the interest of full disclosure… since the demise of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, I’ve been following a 52-week challenge. This week’s theme on that challenge is one I won’t attempt to meet. I’m to create a photo that imitates the art of an admired photographer. Those masters are beyond my ability to imitate. Anything I would try would not be something I would wish to share.

The 52-Week Challenge posts will resume next week. In the meantime, here’s a substitute challenge. This small gallery of images features some of my attempts at capturing a silhouette. In the opening photo, a family strolls along the beach at Mazatlan during the golden hour. In most browsers, you can select an image below to enlarge it and scroll through the remaining images. See you again on Sunday for this week’s Cellpic Sunday post.

John Steiner


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