Cellpic Sunday – 12 August 2018

Syracuse, New York.

This week’s Travel Tuesday post tells of an early spring trip to Syracuse-Hancock Airport in New York. It was my first trip to that state and the purpose for my trip is featured there. Today’s cell pic is a teaser. Both of these planes are Civil Air Patrol (CAP) aircraft. The gray Cessna on the right is a veteran and the reason for the color is described in that post. With that, I’ll leave you guessing.

About the photo: On a cold, somewhat blustery morning, our crews were up early to continue our mission. This morning, my crew was second to launch. This photo features the first crew just getting ready to start the engine and launch the first of the day’s flights. On this bright morning, my Samsung S7 decided to expose the image at f/1.7; 1/1400 sec.; ISO-50. I’ve been uploading increased resolution images for a better look. In most browsers, if you click on the image, you’ll get a larger, more detailed view of the image.

John Steiner


  1. It’s been 90+ degrees here on the regular. Wicked humidity & the many thunderstorms that accompany such tropical weather. Thank you for posting this & reminding me it could be worse… It could be winter.

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