Cellpic Sunday – 9 September 2018

Santa Ana, California.

Last week on Cellpic Sunday I featured an image of the Anaheim Convention Center. I was in that neighborhood for our annual Civil Air Patrol National Conference. The nearest airport is in Santa Ana, John Wayne Airport (SNA) was designated as the departure and arrival airport. As is my usual practice, I always show up at the airport well over an hour prior to boarding, often two hours ahead of time. I prefer to arrive at the airport, go through security, and overspend on coffee or breakfast at my leisure content that I will be sitting in the gate area reading in plenty of time to board my aircraft.

True to my policy, I boarded the airport shuttle about three-plus hours ahead of boarding time. At the airport departure area, I discovered  a museum quality gallery display featuring a wide-ranging view of the culinary arts in Orange County, California. The mini-museum has regularly changing displays. The gallery on display is called “In Good Taste” and is scheduled for one more week until 16 September 2018. Most of the displays are “shadow box” style featuring text and photos of everything from eclectic restaurants to local celebrity chefs and more. Near Gate 14 there are a handful of glass case displays big enough to feature larger memorabilia. The photo above features one of those displays. Though it may be against your normal mode of airport departure schedule, I’d highly recommend an early appearance at the John Wayne Airport. I expect you’ll find something of interest in their rotating concourse gallery.

About the photo: Captured with my Samsung S7 cellphone in automatic exposure mode. I had to work and crop a bit to minimize reflections from the plexiglass covering protecting the display. In most browsers, you can click on the image to provide a higher resolution view.

John Steiner



  1. Sounds like a fun exhibit!Too bad, we won’t make it in time to see some of Orange county’s culinary craftiness. D’oh. The best hush puppies I’ve ever had were @ Anaheim’s McCormick &U Schmicks…

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