Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Fences

This week, Ann-Christine asks us to focus on fences (or the lack thereof.) I have many shots that don’t include fences, so I decided to share a few that happen to contain a fence, either as the main subject or as an ancillary part of the scenery. You can read the original challenge post here. The fence in the photo above was created for a purpose, of which I don’t know as I couldn’t see behind it… but what I do know is that the color pencil fence at the Red River Zoo in Fargo was a fundraising project. The dark area at the base of each fence post contains a placard that identifies the name of a person who contributed that pencil.

Moving to the western part of the state, the Enchanted Highway beckons. Along the route that starts at exit 72 on I-94 and continues for 32 miles. Along the way are several very large sculptures. One of the first sculptures in the series as it nears the town of Gladstone, ND, is a giant fence with sculpted deer crossing the barrier.

One of the more poignant images of a fence in my collection is this photo of a wreath hanging on the chain-link fence near the entrance of the Oklahoma City Memorial. The child in the image is one of the victims of that horrific bombing of the Murrah Building on April 19, 1995.

The sand fences on the beach captured in the early morning at the Outer Banks, North Carolina may look much different in a day or two as these islands are clearly in the path of Hurricane Florence.

My final image for this week’s challenge is an old wooden fence that skirts a road inside of Roxburough State Park near Denver, Colorado. In most browsers, clicking on an image will enlarge it and allow you to view a higher resolution version.

John Steiner

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