Cellpic Sunday – 19 May 2019

Cartagena, Colombia.

Two weeks ago, Cellpic Sunday featured a shot of the high rise buildings at the Bocagrande area of Cartagena. On the way to the dock, cruise ships enter the harbor through Bocachica, a much smaller entrance to the harbor area than Bocagrande. Along the way, I snapped a photo of what looks like an old fort. It didn’t take me much research to discover that this fortress is the Castille de San Luis de Bocachica. The original fort started construction in 1648 but was damaged in a battle with the French in 1697, then destroyed completely in 1741 by the British. By 1759, the fort was rebuilt on the same site and, like Castille de San Felipe, is now a major tourist attraction in Cartagena.

About the photo: This image was captured on my Samsung S6 cellphone. It was processed via Adobe Lightroom and Skylum’s Luminar 3. In most browsers you can click on an image to enlarge it. The rule for Cellpic Sunday is simply that the image must be captured on a mobile device.

John Steiner

4 thoughts on “Cellpic Sunday – 19 May 2019

  1. It’s amazing to go throughout history and realize how many cultures just switched oppressors from England to France and vice versa…

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