Cabo San Lucas – The Glass Factory

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

He started with a glowing orange glob of molten glass. He then dipped it in white and yellow glass beads. Our last stop on our excursion to San José del Cabo found us almost all the way back to Cabo San Lucas and the marina bay. We visited The Glass Factory, a business that creates many hand-blown glass products. The large store adjacent to the work area offered many fine examples of the artisans’ workmanship, and in the “factory” itself, there are two areas set up where the artists work in front of small bleacher arrangements. Guests from the tour buses are ushered into the area to have a seat on the bleachers to watch the handiwork in progress. Of course, at the end, the artisan shows off his work, tip jar handy at his side. Today’s Travel Tuesday post is short on words and other than this paragraph contains only a photo gallery featuring the creation of a water pitcher. If your browser gives you the option, I recommend that you click on an image in the gallery to enlarge it, see the details, and scroll through the photos therein.

John Steiner

4 thoughts on “Cabo San Lucas – The Glass Factory

  1. N took Glass blowing in undergrad… In my head I pictured her blowing glass vases & other hippie stuff. Then one day she showed me, they were blowing glass beakers and other various lab stuff. Hahaha who’dve thunk.

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