Dronie Sunday – 30 June 2019

Fargo, North Dakota.

Those accustomed to seeing “Cellpic Sunday” on its usual day may note the name change. No, I haven’t abandoned Cellpic Sunday. In the interest of variety, I decided to mix it up a bit and use the term Drone Sunday when the shot featured is captured from a flying camera platform. Please excuse me while I inflict upon you the results of my learning experiences as I get familiar with the characteristics of drone photography. Cellpic Sunday will be featured whenever the photo was generated from a cellphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

About the photo: A few weeks ago, I wanted to try out some of the more elaborate video effects built into the DJI Mavic Air that I am using. For that, I needed a location with a wide area void of trees that might cause a problem for a newbie drone pilot like myself. A friend suggested that I check out an area that is soon to be named as a new park in south Fargo. Just east of the area known as Frontier, I found myself setting up and prepping for the flights. As the sun started to set, I saw an opportunity to capture a view of the sun as it was just about to reveal itself behind a thin layer of clouds. The image was captured in RAW format and processed in Lightroom and Luminar Flex.

John Steiner

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