Cellpic Sunday – 6 October 2019

Baltimore, Maryland.

On one of my walks around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor area, I noticed this unusual construction. It appeared to be an apartment building of some sort. Near an entrance is a small park featuring a statue of Christopher Columbus. Truly, to me the architecture of the building is more interesting than the park. A few minutes exploring Google Maps gave me the answer as to the function of this uniquely designed building.

The Scarlett Place Condominiums is a 14-story high rise containing luxury apartments. A search on the name brought up a post describing some of the details about the units and amenities. There are 147 units with an average cost of about $280 per square foot. Units for sale that came up on the search indicated pricing from about $350,000 to just under a million dollars.  The condo fee is probably pretty high given the amenities include an indoor pool, fitness center, garages, and even a concierge. No, I’m not interested in moving to Maryland. I just found the architecture of this building which appears from the ads I saw to have been constructed in 1988. As you can see, some of the units have outdoor terraces of some considerable size.

About the photo: Captured with my Samsung S6, the image was processed in Lightroom and Luminar Flex. Click on the image for a better view.

John Steiner



  1. There’s an office building similar to this style in Chicago… That one is designed as such so there are more corner offices, the opposite of the business in Chicago designed so there are no corner offices… Architecture is fascinating!

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