Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Candid

For this week’s challenge, Ann-Christine asks us to share candid images, shots captured when the subject is unaware they are being photographed. She writes, “So, this week I thought we would go for candid photos of people or animals“. You can read her challenge and view her submissions here. The genre truly captures real life, not some stilted, posed performance for posterity. Looking back through my collection of images, I don’t have a lot of candid shots, but as it turns out, I have more than I thought. In the opening example, a model train exposition allowed me the opportunity to capture this gentleman in steady concentration as he works to repair a section of track.

This image is probably my favorite for today’s challenge response. It’s a close-up of a mother and son enjoying time together as they fly a model airplane controlled by wires. The joy on both of their faces is infectious and they were totally oblivious to the fact that I captured that moment of their lives.

People at work like this butcher in Mexico are great candid subjects as they maintain complete awareness of their task at hand while you go about capturing a slice of their life.

Since the challenge included a mention of candid animal shots, I submit this image for your consideration. In Costa Rica, we visited a wildlife rescue facility filled with animals who were injured or otherwise are unable to live on their own in the wild. This monkey was intent on observing someone who was certainly doing something that attracted his attention.

On our most recent cruise, we visited Nicaragua. On the excursion to visit an active volcano, our tour bus was held up by a procession of oxcarts. For well over a century, an Easter celebration begins with a week-long trek via oxcart. The pilgrimage draws many participants each year, wagons and animals decorated for the occasion. This gentleman was busy tending his oxen completely oblivious to the fact that a whole busload of touristas were busy taking his photo.

Some may think that out-of-the-way places in Central America are somehow not part of our Internet connected world. School was out for the day and as students were leaving the nearby school, they were busy catching up with their friends via their smart phones. Antigua, Guatemala isn’t exactly a small town, at 45,000 residents, it’s about half the size of Bismarck, North Dakota, our state’s capital city.

That’s my collection of candid images for the week. Thanks again to Ann-Christine for an interesting challenge.

John Steiner


7 thoughts on “Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Candid

    • Thanks. I was a bit late in getting this done so I didn’t dig too deeply for examples. Looking at what I have, I realize that I should consider capturing candid images more often than I do.

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