Cellpic Sunday – 5 April 2020

Buckeye, Arizona.

It’s spring in the Arizona desert. At The Founders Course in the Verrado development of Buckeye, golfers are busy throughout the three cooler months. Those who are avid golfers find themselves in the heat of summer out on the course in the early morning when the lows are in the mid- to high-80s. Part of the course is adjacent to the Verrado Trail System. As we walked by on a recent hike, the brittlebush plants were in full bloom with their beautiful daisy-like flowers. On the tee, a foursome was just getting ready to take their shots as I took mine with my cellphone.

About the photo: This is one of the first images I’ve shared that was captured with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I haven’t yet determined how to change the output format to RAW, so the images I’m sharing are standard JPG files. Rumor has it that there are some flaws with the new camera regarding slow focus and amateurish portrait processing of skin tones. I haven’t seen either of these flaws myself, and a couple of days ago (as this is being written), Samsung released a patch that was supposed to address these issues. This image was captured with the “normal” mode camera at 1/750 sec, ISO-25, f/3.5 using automatic exposure. It was then processed in my usual duo of Lightroom and Luminar. As usual, if your browser supports it, you can click on the image to get an enlarged view.

John Steiner


    • Arizona’s governor considers golf courses, hiking trails and other venues with outdoor exercise options that allow social distancing to remain open. Our hiking group continues to gather in small groups, maintaining spacing on the trail and most selecting to wear masks or bandanas. Some consider that improper, but with proper caution, it seems to me that it is less risk than going grocery shopping.

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