Cellpic Sunday – 21 June 2020

Fargo, North Dakota.

Recently my wife, Lynn, and I discovered a park that’s new to us. In a future Travel Tuesday, I’ll feature a photo story about the park and its beginnings. Over the Memorial Day Weekend, I was busy capturing images of the apple orchard that is the signature feature of the park. In late May, the trees are in bloom and the soft light of a thin overcast allowed me to capture some detail of a pod of apple blossoms.

About the photo: I’m currently working on a review of the Samsung S20U cellphone camera so I have been looking for some interesting places to get used to the advanced features of the camera. It’s the first cellphone camera where I got familiar with the pro mode and when in pro mode, have the phone save the image in RAW format. More on that in my review coming up on my next Travel Tuesday post. For this image, however, I used the camera’s automatic exposure settings. On this slightly hazy day, the camera chose f/1.8 at 1/390 sec., ISO-16. The wide lens opening allowed the background to blur nicely to make the flowers stand out. Post-processing was handled as usual in Lightroom and Luminar Flex. As usual, in most browsers, you can click on the image to enlarge it for a closer look.

John Steiner

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