Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – A Quiet Moment

This week for our Lens-Artists challenge, Patti Moed asks us to share captures of “A Quiet Moment.”  She writes, “Maybe it’s a walk early in the morning or the time you sit down with a book and a cup of coffee.  Include shots captured at home or in your neighborhood, or from a trip to a faraway place months or years ago.” You can view her entire challenge post here.

For my opening image, I am reaching back almost 40 years to my college days. I spent a week with a college buddy backpacking in the backcountry of the Bighorn Mountains near Sheridan, Wyoming. This image was digitally reworked from the original 4×6 snapshot. Early on a crisp, cool morning, we had the fire going as we started our day.

Near Juneau, Alaska, a small stream attracted our attention and we pulled over for a closer look. It finished raining just before our arrival and this scene of raindrops on the plant became the subject as the stream, no doubt most often the subject in photos captured at this location, was relegated to second fiddle. This image begs to be “clicked on” for a better view of the detail on the plants in the foreground.

Near the Mendenhall Glacier just outside of Juneau, the glacial-melt lake empties into a small stream. At the right time of the year, salmon find their way upstream to perpetuate their species.

Crossing the continent to the Atlantic Ocean, an early-morning walk on a deserted beach on an Outer Banks island in North Carolina was a great excuse to get up early.

For my final entry in this week’s challenge, I was up early on a foggy morning in Fargo, North Dakota. As the fog started to dissipate, the prairie grass along the Red River was wet with the morning dew. As always, if your browser allows, feel free to select an image to enlarge it for a better view. Thanks to Patti for another great photo challenge.

John Steiner


20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – A Quiet Moment

    • No doubt that Carolina beach reminded you of your nearby beaches. >grin< Truly, I wish I had more of my images from college days. I didn't have many to start with as I drifted away from photography and lost most of them over the years.

  1. I’m impressed at the quality of your shots taken almost 40 years ago. Most of mine are terrible! Great quiet moments here, John. Beautiful shots. I especially love the Outer Banks.

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