Cellpic Sunday – 26 July 2020

Fort Peck, Montana.

The Fort Peck Dam is on the Missouri River in northeastern Montana. The dam is the largest manmade hydraulic dam in the world. Constructed during the great depression in the 1930s, it began generating electricity in 1943. A celebration of life for a family member brought us here on the Independence Day weekend. As we drove along one of the several lakefront roads, a view of an approaching storm brought dramatic skies. In less than an hour after the photo was taken, this area was hit by 60 mph winds, heavy rain, and hail.

About the photo: Captured with my Samsung S20U, I used automatic mode for exposure at f/1.8, 1/340 sec, ISO-16. This panoramic view was created by stitching two images together with Adobe Lightroom. Further editing in Luminar 4 including the removal of a power pole and erasure of an empty boat trailer helped clean up that shoreline on the left. Clicking on the image might give you a better view, depending upon your browser. Recently I’ve featured some of my images on my Flickr site as it provides a larger image view on a dark background, and when necessary, I can upload higher resolution images. Check out this image in greater detail here.

John Steiner



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