Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Pick a Word…

This week, Ann-Christine reminds us of a challenge series that is no longer hosted. She’s bringing us a revival to that Pick a Word challenge. The object is to select images of your choosing that illustrate the word in question. You can read her entire challenge post here.

The opening photo features a bull rider that tangled with the wrong bull who took him for a short (less than 8 seconds) ride. Getting tangled in the ropes didn’t help give the rider a soft landing, either.

It was almost bedtime for our grandson, time for mother Carrie to spend some quality reading time. Despite the subject matter of the book, Owen looks to be quite comfortable.

North Dakota is the country’s largest producer of those beautiful sunflowers. Nothing brightens my day more than to see sunflowers growing in the fields in our county. In an upcoming post, I will share a collection of sunflower images captured during that golden hour just before sunset. I didn’t even have to travel far, only about a 10-minute drive from our house brought me to this beautiful field of yellow and green.

On the beach on the Island of Grand Turk is the exact opposite of social distancing. That’s a new term for the world. This image was captured in the winter of 2018. This was the view of the nearby beach captured from the dock as we departed our cruise ship for the afternoon. Full disclosure, the beach is a short distance from the beach. My telephoto lens added a bit of compression to the depth of the photo making it look more crowded than it really was… in any case, it was certainly too crowded for my taste, even by 2018 standards.

The final word in today’s response is displayed in the exuberance of the young man as his mother allows him to be “hands-on” with a model airplane controlled by a wire. It’s hard to tell who is having more fun in this candid mother-son moment.

Thanks again to Ann-Christine for an interesting challenge topic. In most browsers, you can get a closer look at an image by clicking on it.

John Steiner



22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Pick a Word…

  1. Of course you nailed them elegantly, John! All quite lovely – the colour of the sunflower is so warm and inviting and the little ones precious. The beach – difficult to think about…but the rodeo shot is just marvelous!

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