Cellpic Sunday – 8 November 2020

Olympia, Washington.

On our trip to the western states, we had great weather almost every day. Truthfully with Washington state’s reputation for dreary, rainy weather, we only saw a couple of wet days. It was on a wet Wednesday morning we spent some time in the state’s capital city. We chose to drive by the state capitol buildings to see the grounds. I was struck by the fountains in front of the state’s legislative building.

The building, completed in 1928, has survived three major earthquakes. By 2004, a multi-year modernization project was completed that upgraded the building’s infrastructure. The roof of the building has 144 solar panels making it the largest solar array on the roof of any capitol in the country.

About the photo: Captured with my Samsung Galaxy S20U, the original image was a high resolution 12000 x 9000 pixel capture. Processing started with a trip through Adobe Lightroom for cropping and minor tweaks, then on to Luminar 4 where most of the adjustments brought out the detail in the sky and sharpened the fountain area. The last step was reducing the size of the image to 1024×663 pixels for sharing with you here. The photo is best viewed by clicking on the image to enlarge it if your browser supports that function.

John Steiner

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