Cellpic Sunday – 15 November 2020

Quincy, Washington.

This is my third (and final) Cellpic Sunday from the rest area near Quincy. If the photo looks familiar, you may be remembering the image of the lake with the Interstate bridge from a few weeks ago. That image is one-third of three captured in a sequence that shows the entire lake view of Wanapum Lake as seen from that high vantage point.

About the photo: When it comes to big skies and big landscapes, I often like to create panoramic images. Usually, I just take an image, rotate my body a bit, take a second image, then rotate further for the final image. Though my Samsung S20U creates panoramas automatically, I prefer to take the images separately and merge them in Adobe Lightroom. All three images were 12000×9000 pixels, and when the merge was complete, I ended up with a final image that is 29990×7222 pixels. With a photo that large, the final image on disk is 966 MB, that’s right, almost a gigabyte. If I were to print that image, it would create a very high-resolution print on a large canvas or metal print.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to download such a monster image, so I’ve reduced it to a much more comfortable 2048×632 pixels for your viewing pleasure. You can imagine that image processing time was quite a bit longer than usual, and the export from Luminar 4 back into Lightroom took a long time. The image is best viewed by clicking on it to give a full-screen view if your browser supports that function.

John Steiner

7 thoughts on “Cellpic Sunday – 15 November 2020

    • I don’t create many of these due to the high demand for space. I now have eight terabytes of backup storage on two 4 TB drives to backup my photos. Of course, I don’t throw anything away, unfortunately. >grin<

    • The panorama in camera creates a JPG file. I prefer to work with RAW files that I have set on the camera for more control of the final image. I’ll have to review my post. I always process in Lightroom first, then move to Luminar. Maybe I said that backward in the post. I’ve been known to be dyslexic. 🙂

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