Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Emotions

For our photo challenge this week, Patti Moed asks that we “Show us portraits or street photography that captures people’s feelings, such as happiness, anger, sadness, curiosity, or fear. Or, choose a subject or scene that evokes an emotion in the viewer.” You can read her entire challenge post here.

For my opening photo, a player in a mariachi band puts his heart and soul into his music. His weathered features told me that he has spent a lifetime of work, and that the weathered guitar has known a lifetime of making music.

This image captured at a pre-season game between the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds captured a moment prior to the home run, players watching and waiting to determine whether the batter would make a hurried trip toward first base or a leisurely jog around the bases.

After sliding off the back of the sheep, this young mutton-buster shows the perseverence needed to hang on  for six seconds. Open to those 4 to 7 years of age, mutton busting is a popular rodeo event.

This barrel rider is showing determination as she and her horse headed around the barrels, in her case, to win the championship of the event at this rodeo.

At a model railroad exhibit, this gentleman is in full concentration to the task at hand as he repairs a section of model railroad track.

I end this submission with a personal photo. I had just made some smart remark to my wife, Lynn, and our friend, “Jeep” grabbed her hand to make sure she wouldn’t respond with, oh, I don’t know… maybe an obscene gesture? No doubt it would have been well deserved.

Thanks again to Patti for allowing us to share some emotions in our work.

John Steiner


22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Emotions

  1. Lots of interesting emotions in this one John – my favorite of course is your capture of the action with the barrel rider – she was really flying! And of course, always wonderful to see real joy, which I think your closing image expresses beautifully.

  2. What a wonderful collection of emotions, John. I love the determination on the rider’s face, the musician’s intensity and passion, and your wife’s joy! Thanks for putting a smile on my face, too.

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