Cellpic Sunday – April 25, 2021

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Our first trip to Yellowstone last October left us wanting to return soon. It turned out to be as beautiful as I expected, and we spent an extra day in the area to travel between Yellowstone and the nearby Grand Teton National Park. Known for its geothermal energy, Yellowstone also straddles small parts of Idaho and Montana.

Most people familiar with the park probably think first of the biggest attraction, Old Faithful Geyser. There are plenty of places where natural geothermal activity is released from vents that broke the surface. The main park road follows the shoreline of Yellowstone Lake for several miles. Along the way, there are several places to park and get out to enjoy the view.

About the photo: This image, captured at Steamboat Point, is a view of the lake to the south and west. It is only a short distance from your first views of the lake if you arrive in the park at the East Entrance. The steam vents in the foreground were the first ones we saw on our trip into the park from Cody. Taken with my Samsung S20U, I imported the image into Lightroom, and then final processing done in Luminar 4.

John Steiner

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