Cellpic Sunday – 2 May 2021

Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s been a long year of relative isolation from family and friends. Now that we have been vaccinated, we have been looking forward to meeting with my sister and her boyfriend, both now vaccinated as well. It has been an annual event for them to come to visit in January during the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. Since the auction, too, was delayed until March, it seemed a great time to invite them to stay with us in Buckeye for a few days. Our plans always include finding something else to do while they are in town.

This year, we stopped at Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix. We had lunch at a nearby pizzeria and then visited the Arizona Science Center. Heritage Square contains several historic buildings including the Rosson House. Originally the home of Dr. Roland Lee Rosson and his wife, Flora Murray Rosson, it was built between 1894 and 1895 on the site where it now stands in downtown Phoenix.

The Queen Anne style architectural design of this specific residence is of some controversy as I discovered when I found a historic reference to the home on Wikipedia here. The house, now a museum, is normally open for scheduled tours, but until the Covid era subsides, the museum is closed. We will look forward to its reopening and we are planning to visit when it reopens.

About the photo: This image was captured on my Samsung S20U in 12,000×9,000 pixel mode. It was uploaded to Lightroom for basic tweaks and, as usual, finished in Luminar AI. As always, I recommend clicking on the image for a better view of this beautiful old house.

John Steiner


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