Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Focusing on the Details

This week, Patti Moed asks us to focus on the details. She writes, “This week, we invite you to join us for LAPC #146, Focusing on the Details. Include photos of the details from one subject (a person, a place, an object) or many subjects.” You can read her entire challenge post here.

I start my challenge-response with this conch shell engraving of a cameo on display at the Stone Castle Cameo Factory on Roatan Island, Honduras. I always thought of cameos to be small pendants worn around the neck, but the cameos on display here taught me otherwise.

I don’t own a macro lens, but I have found that a telephoto zoom can work quite nicely to view details of an object like this allium blossom. Back away from the object you want to detail, use a wide aperture, and focus on the details. This image was captured on my Nikon D7000 with a Tamron 16-300 mm zoom.

If you know what this is, you’re old. They were all the rage when I was a teenager. You can buy new steering wheel spinners online, also known as steering wheel knobs, suicide spinners, and knuckle busters. This spinner was connected to the steering wheel of a beautiful 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.

One of my favorite things to do when at an automobile auction or car show is to capture interesting (to me) details on those classic vehicles. The image above is from a Diamond T truck, it’s a simple hood ornament.

In Phoenix, the Hall of Flame, a museum dedicated to firefighters and fire fighting equipment, features several exhibit halls of historic equipment. One particularly interesting piece of equipment on display has a name of interest to me, the horse-drawn fire equipment wagon was built in Albany, New York. Though I understand that some of my ancestors settled in the state, I doubt there are any of my family who was involved in this manufacturing company, but I’ll never know. A fire at the Albany City Hall on February 10, 1890, destroyed all of the records for companies in business prior to the date of the fire.

Thanks to Patti Moed for this week’s challenge.

John Steiner


  1. I have never see a steering wheel spinner until this post. I used to see people spinning their steering wheels, and often wondered how they were so adept at doing it!

    • This car was the first car I’d seen one on in many years, myself. I’m sure the restorer had memories of his own youth in mind when he added it to his custom restoration.

  2. A great collection of details, John. The car insignia is wonderful, as well as your namesake fire truck and the allium. I have never seen a cameo that large. Wow! Take care and enjoy the weekend.

  3. A sad ending to your fun post John – bummer about the fire. Loved the knuckle-buster. Must admit they were before my time but I’ve seen a few of them here and there. And of course the diamond is perfect!

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