Cellpic Sunday – 7 November 2021

As I am writing this, we are entering the last third of our #RoadTrip2021 traveling through Oregon. This year, we focused on a lot of scenic drives. Highway 101 on the west coast is one such drive with expansive views of the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon coast. This viewpoint shot was captured a few miles north of Florence Oregon.

A few moments after this image was taken, just to the right of the image above, we noticed a spray of water and saw a dark shape under the surface. Watching that spot, we again saw the unmistakable spray of a whale’s blowhole. The whale was far too distant for me to capture a cell phone image, and my camera was tucked away at that moment. An opportunity missed.

The image was captured with my Samsung S20U cell phone, processed in Lightroom, and tweaked in Luminar AI. For a closer view, click on the image to check it out in HD on my Flickr site.

I encourage fellow bloggers to create their own Cellpic Sunday posts. I never have a specific topic for this feature, and the only rules are that the photo must be captured with a cell phone, iPad, or another mobile device… If you have an image from a drone, that’s acceptable as well. The second rule is to link your challenge-response to this post or leave a comment here with a link to your post in the comment.

John Steiner


    • OK, it’s time I told my dirty little secret. I lived in Long Beach for my entire public school life. In those 13 years living only miles from those fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean, I seldom spent time at the beach. >grin<

      • I was right there with ya, but in San Diego most of my childhood. The beaches were 20-30 minutes away but worth the trip. I do miss the sound of the ocean, but I prefer hearing the wind or even light breezes in the pine trees.

    • Cool! It’s a beautiful spot. I also walked up to the slightly higher pull-off further along (just off the edge of the road.) I didn’t feel like moving the car. It was there we saw the whale spout.

    • The views all along Highway 101 in Oregon are all amazing! I recently got an offer from my cellular provider to upgrade my phone. It isn’t broke, I am not going to fix it. 😀

  1. Whales are not easy to photograph, but they are always exciting encounters. I love it when they come close to the shore and seem to be interested in what’s going on.

      • I got it. It was fun. Did you see how far back my cell phone usage went. Have you ever heard of an Apple iPhone 3G? I don’t even know what it was!!!

      • Yes on the 3G. I didn’t buy an iPhone for my first Smartphone and went with Samsung because 4G was available on Android, but the iPhone hadn’t yet released a 4G model. 🙂

      • I did buy the iPhone for my first smart phone – a big improvement over my flip phone as I remember. I keep my phones for a pretty long time because they are so expensive to replace. So, there’s no telling how long I had it. I love the fact that Bridge gives you all your mega data at the click of a menu item. I could almost do a history of my cameras from it. I had a Nikon point and shoot in the early 2000s. I don’t even remember it either.

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