Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #203 – Local Vistas

Greetings from Fargo Mural

Fargo, North Dakota.

This week, Anne shares her love of her hometown and features images in the challenge she titled, “Local Vistas.” She writes, “What are your local vistas? Where do you photograph when you don’t have a lot of time or are not on vacation? What about your hometown excites you? Is it the countryside, city, gardens, amusement venues? This week, tell us about and show us your local vistas.” You can read her entire challenge post here.

I’ve lived and worked in the Fargo area for over 30 years, and it is our forever hometown. We make jokes about the North Dakota winters, and it’s no secret that we head south each year after retiring and no longer need to spend the coldest part of the year in sub-zero cold. Still, some of my favorite images were captured in the cold. One of my favorite places to visit is along the shore of the Red River of the North. The triptych below features images captured along the river that separates North Dakota from Minnesota.

Sunset on the Red River-1
Sunset on the Red River

The image above was captured in December a few years ago. It was taken on the Minnesota side of the river at a small parking area.

Red River-5
Red River in the summertime

This image was captured from my drone and taken from the vantage point of the same park as the winter scene above. From this angle, it’s easy to see the small dam that is less noticeable in the winter image.

Red River at Orchard Glen
Red River in black-and-white

I’ve shared the third image of this triptych in color more than once, so for this challenge, I decided to share it after conversion to black-and-white. This site is from a park on the North Dakota side of the river a few miles south of the first two river shots.

Dawson Hall-1
Dawson Hall in Bonanzaville

Not far from our condo, there is a pioneer village that focuses on the Bonanza Farms that proliferated in the late 19th century. Several buildings from North Dakota were moved to Bonanzaville to create a community of historic structures that might otherwise have been lost to history. Dawson Hall is a theater that still offers live plays each year due to the support of a local theater group. I will admit to having found myself in some of the plays as a former member of the group.

Sunflower Field
Sunflower field

Every year, I enjoy the fall harvest and enjoy traveling the section roads that divide the agricultural parcels. One of North Dakota’s most prolific products is also one of the most beautiful to photograph. Sunflower fields are easy to find on a country drive in our local area. This image was captured with the camera in my drone.

North Dakota Sky
North Dakota’s night sky

The night sky in the North Dakota countryside is dark enough to show off the billions of stars each clear evening. Since we were still in the blue hour when this image was captured, it wasn’t yet dark enough to get a true photo of the number of stars visible in our night sky. This photo is best viewed from my Flickr site where it is displayed on a black background. Click on it to see it there.

Fargo-Moorhead Red Hawks

Our communities share a minor league baseball team, the Red Hawks. Every year we are sure to attend a few games to enjoy the sights and sounds of America’s National Pasttime.

Glider on Tow
North Dakota vista as viewed from a glider

Regular readers have come to expect a reference to aviation in many of my posts. Here’s a view of rural North Dakota about 17 miles (27 km) west of Fargo. This image was captured in mid-August while I was a passenger in a glider being towed to altitude for eventual release.

Lindenwood Park Fountain
Lindenwood Park Fountain

One of my favorite city parks is Lindenwood. One day I took my camera and lens ball to the park to experiment with it. My favorite image from that day of shooting is this image of the fountain and garden near the main entrance to the park.

Our Condo Building
A view of our condo from above

While this image could have been captured with my drone, it wasn’t. I was in the back seat of a rented aircraft while a friend of mine was flying. Though the details are lost in the shade, my condo is on the bottom floor in the center of the building. The chimney stack closest to the lawn and parking area is for the fireplace units in my unit and the unit above mine.

To view the images in HD on my Flickr site, you can click on any image, or you can view the entire album here. Thanks to Anne for this challenge that allows everyone to share a bit of their local area. Next week we have a guest host for challenge #204. If you’d like to join in on our challenge but aren’t quite sure how to get started, click here.

John Steiner


  1. Thanks for showing us Fargo John. I’ve never been to North Dakota, so I totally enjoyed the tour through your lens. My favorites are the tryptic of the Red River and your aerial shot of the sunflower field. Well done on this challenge.

  2. Looks like a great area to live if, like you, you can escape the worst of the winters! I love that sunflower field shot in particular – stunning!

    • North Dakota has a lot of places that are truly dark and make for great night sky viewing. It is an advantage of having only 750,000 or so people living in the entire state.

  3. Terrific John – so much variety, both in subjects and methodologies! Loved the night sky, both here and at your site. Also loved the lens ball shot. I really need to get out and do that!

  4. What a great tour, John. Photos from the ground, from a drone, from a plane…..Great selection. I love the shots with the globe, sunset on the river, and the sunflower field. Beautiful.

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