Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #207 – Seeing Double

Pelicans grooming.

This week it’s Jez Braithwaite’s turn to guest host the July “Guest Fest”. I’ve been following Jez for some time and he introduced me to Lensy, his crystal lens ball. It led me to go out and get my own “Lensy.” For the challenge this week, Jez writes, “Now it’s your turn to share your photos. They can be any reflections you come across; landscapes, cityscapes or chance ones in a puddle. I look forward to seeing all your entries!” You can read his entire challenge post here.

For my challenge, I didn’t limit my images to reflections. In addition, I included images that could appear to be reflections like the pelicans in the image above. At La Jolla Cove in California, I saw these two pelicans in so similar a pose that one could mistake the “reflection” as a mirror of the original.

Klickitat Bridges
Klickitat Bridges

In Washington state, two bridges not exactly doubles of each other cross the Klickitat River just before it enters the Columbia River. The upper bridge is on SR 14, the Lewis and Clark Highway. The lower bridge is a railroad bridge.

Mount Rainier

While I am in Washington state, I include my favorite reflection, in Reflection Lake, Mount Rainier peeks through the evergreen forest at Mount Rainier National Park.

Balloon Fiesta-19
Penguin doubles

At the annual Albuquerque Balloon Festival in New Mexico, there are many look-alike hot air balloons. This pair of balloons are obviously twins, but they are fraternal. You can tell because of the eyes. One is obviously female. >grin<

Thunderbirds Sunday-4
USAF Thunderbirds

Here’s a reflection of skillful piloting. Two members of the premier USAF demonstration team flying close together in a mirror formation.

Elk at Medora
Elk in western North Dakota

At sunset, these two bull elk aren’t quite a reflection of one another. The antler rack on the right elk is indicative of a more mature animal.

Red River in Autumn-1
Red River in Fargo, North Dakota

I couldn’t pass up the chance to share another view of the beautiful Red River of the North as it meanders through Fargo-Moorhead at Lindenwood Park. The breeze that afternoon put enough ripples in the water to give the reflection a dreamy out-of-focus effect.

Grand Turk-1
Seeing double cruise ships

Of course, I can’t leave out cruising. These two majestic cruise ships were at the dock awaiting the return of guests from their journies on the island of Grand Turk in the Caribbean. We were on the Carnival Magic for this cruise. If all goes as planned, we will again be on the Magic in September as it sails out of New York for an autumn tour of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada.

If you like to pixel peep at the images or metadata, click on any of the images to view them in HD on my Flickr site, or you can visit the entire gallery here.

Thanks to Jez for his “seeing double” challenge and for volunteering to host this week. In the next three weeks, we will be challenged by Andre of My Blog-Solaner, Tracy at Reflections of an Untidy Mind, and Sarah of Travel with Me. The Lens-Artists team will be back in force in August.

Please join us in our weekly photo challenge. It’s easy to do. Click here to find out how.

John Steiner


  1. Brilliant post, John πŸ‘ I did a couple of “double takes” πŸ˜‚ to realise they weren’t reflections 🀣 The Klickitat (great word to say btw) Bridges had me seeing a reflection because that’s what my brain told me! Love the penguin balloons; thanks for joining the fun 😊

  2. I love your Reflection Lake shot and I’m a tad jealous – when we were there the weather was so murky we couldn’t even see the mountain, never mind its reflection! The penguin balloons are fun too πŸ˜€

  3. Great doubles and reflections John! The elks are majestic and the balloons cute. I’ll be cruising New England in September on Royal Caribbean and will also stop in New Brunswick.

  4. Terrific post John, loved the variety. Definitely thought the bridges were reflection – hah! and the true reflection at Reflection Lake is glorious.

    • The bridges do appear as a reflection at first glance. That’s what I thought when I first selected the image for this post. πŸ™‚

      We were so lucky with the Mount Rainier reflection. Much of the park suffered from the haze and smoke of nearby wild fires. Fortunately on this day, the view from Reflections Lake was spared.

    • Thanks! I had fun looking for these doubles! One neat thing about these challenges is that they allow me the enjoyment of reviewing old photos and being reminded of those travels and places we’ve visited.

      • And that can never be a bad thing. Unless, I suppose for your bank manager, if it has you reaching for that credit card to book the next trip!

  5. Sorry… I’m late here. Love these two Pelicans and Elks. The reflections image is beautifully captured. These double cruise ships are parked so closely to each other, amazing!

  6. Lovely reflections and doubles. Mount Rainier reflected on the lake is one of my most favorite views in the US (as seen on the internet; wish to see it in person one day) and I like those penguin balloons.

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