Cellpic Sunday – The Mighty Mac

Mackinac Bridge.

Mackinaw City, Michigan.

Nicknamed The Mighty Mac, the bridge connecting Mackinaw City to St. Ignace Michigan over the Straits of Mackinac is the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world. According to the Mackinac Bridge Authority website, the bridge is also the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere.

A wealth of bridge information is on the website. Construction details and a complete history of the bridge can be found here. The bridge opened to traffic in 1957 and is about 5 miles long (26,372 ft or 8,038 m). The suspension bridge section, including the anchors, is 8,614 ft (2,625 m). For those who are really detail-conscious, check that link. You’ll find other facts there including the exact number of rivets and bolts used in construction. Those numbers are almost 5 million, and over one million, respectively.

Near the southern end of the bridge at Mackinaw City, a museum featuring the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse (part of Fort Michilimackinac State Park) is a worthy visit. The lighthouse museum closes each winter but it will reopen on May 11, 2023. I featured a couple of views of this lighthouse in a photo challenge here.

About the photo: This panoramic image was created by joining two photos from my Samsung S20U cellphone via Adobe Lightroom. After basic edits there, the image was exported to Luminar Neo for further processing. To view the photo in 2K HD via my Flickr site, click on the image.

I encourage fellow bloggers to create their own Cellpic Sunday posts. I never have a specific topic for this feature, and the only rules are that the photo must be captured with a cell phone, iPad, or another mobile device… If you have an image from a drone or even a dashcam, that’s acceptable as well. The second rule is to link your challenge response to this post or leave a comment here with a link to your post in the comment. Oh, and, you don’t have to post it on a Sunday.

John Steiner


  1. That is an amazing bridge to see, John. You really brought it to life in your pic! How amazing bridges like this can be built and so long, in this world. Here is my lengthy post today of parts of our road trip that included a couple of wedding pics, shots of Horseshoe Bend and Bryce Canyon to celebrate Earth Day/Week, some taken with the cell phone. Thanks for hosting! https://secondwindleisure.com/2023/04/23/sunday-stills-adoration-of-the-earth/

  2. We went to Mackinaw Island when I was almost ten, so the bridge was only a few years old. I just remember it took forever and I was glad it didn’t break! This is an incredible picture of something so long, John!

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