Weekly Photo Challenge – Cheeky

Buckeye, Arizona.

This week, Michelle Weber asks us to find a little irreverence. Her term is “cheeky.” I admit to assuming a definition from sentences in context I have heard over the years. Still, I was glad that Michelle included the dictionary definition which read, “Cheeky (adj): impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way.” You can read the entire challenge post here. Continue reading


Cellpic Sunday – 3 December 2017


Tonopah, Arizona.

We invited guests to visit us in Buckeye over the Thanksgiving weekend and last Saturday, we went on a little tour of the landscape west of Phoenix. Located about 45 miles (80 km) due west of the Phoenix metro, near the small town of Tonopah, sits the large complex you see in the panoramic image above. This plant generates about 3.3 gigawatts and serves about four million people. It is the largest generating station, nuclear or otherwise, in operation in the United States. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Transformation

Buckeye, Arizona.

This week marks the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Coincidentally, it also is our first full week back in our winter home in Arizona. Yesterday, our house was filled with family and too much to eat. As a result, I am a day late in posting this challenge response. We are asked to share images reflecting our thoughts on “Transformation.” While Jen H. focused on the transformation of autumn to winter in her image, there is another earth-oriented transformation that takes place twice daily, everywhere in the world, that is the transformation of day into night and back again into day. You can read the entire challenge post here. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 22 October 2017

Buckeye, Arizona.

The desert is calling and it’s not a wrong number! Lynn and I are getting ready to head south. We’ve already processed our mail forwarding order and are setting up appointments for things that need to be done the first week we are back in Arizona. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 24 September 2017

Lake Pleasant, Arizona.

On this first week of Autumn in North Dakota, it’s been nice weather, so far. However, thoughts of our Arizona winters are creeping into consciousness and those desert hikes are calling. I even have a new camera, a mirrorless Sony with a very small footprint and weight factor. It will replace the much larger and heavier Nikon on our hikes. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Structure

“Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain.” — Henry David Thoreau

The opening quote is featured in this week’s photo challenge. In that challenge, Jen H. asks us to look at the “structure of something wonderful.” You can read the entire challenge post here. Continue reading