Dronie Sunday – 20 October 2019

Moorhead, Minnesota.

The Red River forms the border between North Dakota and Minnesota and is one of the few rivers in the country to flow north, its headwaters begin at the confluence of the Ottertail and Bois de Sioux Rivers near the city of Breckenridge, Minnesota. From there it meanders northward separating the two states until it leaves the United States near the border crossing just north of Pembina, North Dakota. It finally terminates at Lake Winnipeg, the fifth largest lake in Canada. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 13 October 2019

Baltimore, Maryland.

I know there is some political discord on the topic of Christopher Columbus and his “discovery” of the new world. Indeed, seven states and almost 60 municipalities have changed the focus of the holiday to honor the native people living in the New World when Columbus and his three ships stumbled upon it while looking for a trade route to the orient. I am not going to get into an argument about whether or not the day (October 14 this year) should be renamed Indigenous People’s Day. Though it would appear that I somehow “honor” Columbus because I “gave him a halo.” That was an unintended consequence of putting the sun behind the statue so I could get a better view of the front of the sculpture. That saved me a walk back to the site in the morning when the sun was on the other side of the sky. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 6 October 2019

Baltimore, Maryland.

On one of my walks around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor area, I noticed this unusual construction. It appeared to be an apartment building of some sort. Near an entrance is a small park featuring a statue of Christopher Columbus. Truly, to me the architecture of the building is more interesting than the park. A few minutes exploring Google Maps gave me the answer as to the function of this uniquely designed building. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 29 September 2019

Baltimore, Maryland.

Though I spent most of my days in Baltimore tending to Civil Air Patrol business, I did have some free time to walk about the inner harbor area and had dinner at a couple of nearby restaurants. At one point, our North Dakota contingent attempted to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe which is housed in the historic Pratt Street Power Plant building along with Barnes and Noble and other retailers. I say “attempted” because even though the restaurant didn’t appear busy, we were put on a wait for seating. After awhile, we decided to move on and had dinner elsewhere.

But this post and photo isn’t about the restaurant or even the book store. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 22 September 2019

Costa Rica.

An enigma wrapped in a mystery. That’s what this photo is. The date stamp from my cellphone indicates the image was captured at 5:18 PM. It’s obviously a sunset so we must therefore have been looking to the west. Here’s the enigma. We were on our way to transit the Panama Canal. The other images captured on that date were all of Costa Rica. We docked at Puntarenas that day. This image was captured as we departed toward our date the next morning with our Panama Canal transit. We were on the west side of Costa Rica in the Pacific Ocean. So, how could there be a land mass to the west between us and the sunset? Could it be the time stamp was wrong and this was a sunrise? Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 8 September 2019

Casselton, North Dakota.

On a summer day, what better way to spend the afternoon at the airport. On this mid-August day, I was content to work on the ground crew as we certified a new tow pilot and did some flight proficiency training for the glider pilots who were there that day. As the tasks were winding down, I was invited to take the front seat for a ride. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 1 September 2019

Baltimore, Maryland.

Last weekend I finished my first visit to the City of Baltimore for the annual Civil Air Patrol National Conference. One of the reasons I bought my small Sony RX-100 camera is so that I could take a very portable, yet high quality camera with me when I travel. Of course, I forgot to put it in my travel kit. Now, truth be told, I don’t have a whole lot of time for sightseeing and such during these conferences, but I can usually find some time in off hours to do a little nearby exploring. Continue reading