Weekly Photo Challenge – Wish

Cartagena, Colombia.

This week, Jen H. asks us to share a wish. Her visit to Japan acquainted her to the ema, a Shinto shrine upon which people can share their hopes and dreams. You can read the entire challenge post here. For my entry, I chose a clock tower inside the walled city of Cartagena. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge – Quest

quest-4Panama Canal Zone.

This week, Cheri Lucas Rowlands asks us to share a quest. You can read her entire challenge post here. For me, one journey that I hoped to take led us to the Panama Canal. I don’t even know why that was an important goal for me. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Fun!!


Somewhere in Latin America.

This week, Michelle W. asks us to share an image that brings out the Fun! in life. You can read the entire challenge post here. Of course, virtually all of my pics were taken for the fun of it, however in this sampling, I chose to select some photos of fun activities. The photo above features a clown that hopped on our horse-drawn carriage and whistled his way to a photo and a tip.  The story of our day trip to Cartagena, Colombia can be found hereContinue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped


Cartagena, Colombia

This week, my entry in the photo challenge takes us to South America. Krista challenges us to share our interpretation of “enveloped”. You can read her entire challenge post here. In scanning my library of photos, I came upon a handful of images, mostly of cloud-shrouded mountains. Continue reading

Cartagena, Romancing the Stone Wall

Old Cartagena

Cartagena, Colombia

It was 1984 when I saw Joan Wilder travel to Cartagena Colombia to rescue her sister from kidnappers. With the help of Jack Colton, Joan has an adventure in Colombia that is worthy of the protagonist in the novels she writes. Continue reading