Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – A Change of Scenery

This week, the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge features a guest host. Beth, of Wandering Dawgs Blog, asks us to share images that fit the theme “Change of Scenery.”  She writes about getting out and finding a change of scenery, and goes on to note, “If you are unable to get out right now, we’d love for you to browse through your archives to feature images from places you have visited in the past when you needed a change of scenery.” You can read her entire challenge post here. Continue reading

Fort Morgan – Historic Rainbow Arch Bridge

Fort Morgan, Colorado.

In 1922, the Colorado Bridge and Construction Company began constructing a multi-span, reinforced concrete arch bridge across the South Platte River in eastern Colorado. The bridge was completed in 1923 and named The Rainbow Arch Bridge. Located adjacent to State Highway 52 and a much newer set of highway bridges, the Rainbow Arch Bridge was closed for a time in 2015 to complete repair work and a freshening due to damage and flooding in 2013 and 2015. It is now open again, and like before, it is only used for pedestrian access to nearby Riverside Park. To visit the bridge, take state highway 52 north from I-76 (Exit 80). Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 23 February 2020

Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It’s opulence defined. The Broadmoor Resort and Hotel in Colorado Springs hearkens back to an earlier time. The long tree-lined entrance and exit roads lead to the valet parking and a classic town car awaits your ride to the railroad station. For those with the means to afford a stay in a classic luxury resort, they have spared no expense. No, we didn’t rent a room. We just wanted to “snoop” around. The hotel staff was very accommodating, even providing complimentary valet parking though we said we weren’t staying. Continue reading

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – On Display

Denver, Colorado.

This week, Amy asks us to share our images and thoughts on a challenge she calls, “On Display”. You can read her entire challenge post here. Being unable to drive by a museum without stopping, I have many, probably hundreds, images of museum displays that I can share for this challenge. However, I have a single collection of favorites that came from the Denver Nature and Science Museum. Continue reading

Dronie Sunday – 24 November 2019

Howard, Colorado.

During this summer’s travels, we stopped on our way to Antonito, Colorado at Pleasant Valley Campground near the small town of Howard. The summer getaway place of our friends Fred and Ellen became a good place to show off the Mavic Air. We walked over to a part of the campground with open skies and launched. Located next to the Arkansas River, the view of an abandoned railroad track and gravel road made for a decent composition. Continue reading

Cumbres and Toltec Railroad – Goes Where No Automobile Can

Antonito, Colorado.

The day finally arrived when Lynn and I were scheduled to ride the steam train from Antonito to Chama, New Mexico. The day trip started in the morning and the 64 miles (103 km) would take us most of the day. There are several options for the trip depending upon your schedule. We opted for the entire 64 mile trek with a bus ride back from Chama to Antonito. If you live or are traveling closer to Chama, you can ride instead from Chama to Antonito. Two trains depart from the opposite ends at about the same time and share a single track. About half-way along the route, it will be lunch time. Continue reading

Garden of the Gods – 2019 style

Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This year’s family reunion brought us to Colorado. Regular readers of my Travel Tuesday posts will note that previous posts included stops in Nebraska on our way to Colorado. Our reunions are planned for three days to allow family members to spend time exploring the area where the reunion is being held. In 2012, Lynn and I visited Garden of the Guards on our way home from Arizona. Continue reading

The Money Museum – Free Samples… Sort of

Denver, Colorado.

On our tour of downtown Denver in mid-November, we were walking back toward Union Station along 16th Street when I happened to notice a banner identifying the Money Museum in front of a large official-looking office building. That building, we discovered, houses the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Denver offices. Continue reading

Museum of Nature and Science – Africa Dioramas

Denver, Colorado.

Last week’s Travel Tuesday found us at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The large collection of animal species are documented in 89 dioramas. Not being much of a world traveler, I have chosen to focus mostly upon the many places to visit in the United States. Since becoming a blogger, however, I’ve met many online friends who have shared their particular view of the world. One such blogging site takes me to Africa every week. de Wets Wild is an award winning travel blog focusing on the Mother Continent’s abundant wildlife. I will probably never go on an African photo safari, but I have been living that dream through the de Wets blog. You can read about their adventures here. Continue reading

Denver Nature and Science Museum – Over a Century of Learning

Denver, Colorado.

On a mid-November day, Lynn and I found us visiting the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with our friend Fred Mast. There is so much to see and do at the museum, you could easily spend an entire day. We wandered the museum’s exhibit halls including presentations focusing on health, Russian gem carvings, an exhibit on the lifestyles on the island of Cuba. Our main attraction for the day, however, focused on the 89 dioramas of wildlife from around the world. The opening image features a panorama so large, I couldn’t fit it all into a multiple shot panorama without resorting to an unusual perspective view and even then, the left edge of the image cut off the complete display. Continue reading