Cellpic Sunday – 21 October 2018

Chicago, Illinois.

This week we are in North Carolina visiting family and gathering some more material in our Journeys. To get to Raleigh-Durham, we traveled through Chicago’s giant O’Hare airport. Having left Fargo before any restaurants were open for breakfast, we’d make do with airplane coffee and a cookie. A three-hour layover in Chi-town left us with plenty of time to seek out a breakfast/brunch. We found a food court in Terminal C right near our departure gate so we chowed down on a nice breakfast, albeit basic quality airport food. We sat down in the shadow of these jazz musicians while listening to jazz background music. Continue reading

Monochrome Monday – Old Photo of Meigs Field


Chicago, Illinois.

I don’t often post a Monochrome Monday image, but who knows… it’s a new year, maybe I’ll do this more often. In any case, my first submission this year is a noisy, fuzzy image from a consumer grade digital camera captured in either late 2002 or early 2003. I could find the exact date as the flight is in my pilot’s log books, however they are in Fargo and I am in Buckeye for the winter. No metadata is available in the image which was captured just prior to turning toward final approach at Meigs. Continue reading