Hopperstad Stave Church – Norwegian Heritage in Minnesota

Moorhead, Minnesota.

Last week we visited the Hjemkomst Center’s centerpiece, the replica Viking ship Hjemkomst. It had been over a decade since Lynn and I last visited the center that honors the dream of Robert Asp. I was surprised to discover that the center has made a home for another labor of love in wood. At the rear of the center’s property, Guy Paulson built a full-size replica of a Stave Church. This replica is modeled from a church near the municipality of Vik, Norway. The Hopperstad Stave Church, built sometime around 1130 AD, is now a museum church just outside Vikøyri village and still sits on the site of its construction almost a millennium ago. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge – Peek

Moorhead, Minnesota.

This week, Michelle Weber asks us to “share a peek of something – a photo that reveals just enough of your subject to to get us interested.” You can read her entire challenge post here. This wood carving of a monk is one of many carvings that are located in an edifice that  will be featured in next week’s Travel Tuesday post here at Journeys with Johnbo. Continue reading

Hjemkomst – The Culmination of a Dream

Moorhead, Minnesota.

Travelers who visit downtown Fargo, North Dakota or her sister city across the Red River at Moorhead, Minnesota will likely notice what looks to be an oversize white plastic sheet draped across two poles not unlike a blanket tent I might have made in my childhood. If you drive toward the structure, you will end up in a parking lot in front of the building shown in the image above. This is the Hjemkomst Center built to honor a man with a dream and a vision. Below that large white canopy, the centerpiece on display features the accomplishment of that vision. Continue reading

Breezy Point – A Whiz Bang Place to Stay

Breezy Point, Minnesota.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared a couple of Cellpic Sunday images I grabbed during a short stay at Breezy Point Resort in northern Minnesota. As I was there to attend a conference, I didn’t have a lot of time to take photos, but I did head out in the evening for a short walk, and then rose early hoping for a high quality sunrise. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 7 May 2017

Breezy Point, Minnesota.

Last weekend, my Civil Air Patrol role brought me to a resort in Northern Minnesota. The resort at Breezy Point has a history going back to the 1920’s when wealthy publisher Wilfred Hamilton (“Captain Billy”) Fawcett built a home and a lodge big enough to accommodate around 700 people. You can now rent the home, and bring all your friends. It’s nine bathrooms and 11 bedrooms can support a large family gathering easily. In an upcoming feature, I will share a gallery of high dynamic range (HDR) images captured at the resort. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia

A steam tractor getting its fill of water.


Rollag, Minnesota.

Does the sight of that 1960s era pickup bring back memories of the truck you used to drive? Maybe you listen to Satellite Radio to Y2Kountry for those classic country songs of a decade ago. This week, Jeff Golenski asks us to share images that bring out emotions of the past, memories of that location or event. You can read the entire challenge post here. Continue reading