But I Digress… Improving the Blogger’s Tools


Buckeye, Arizona

Let me start out by saying that this article isn’t going to be a “how-to” on do-it-yourself upgrades. Consider it a recommendation as to what you might consider doing to improve the performance of your work computer. It is ever so true that no matter how fast your computer is, after awhile it seems slow, even if it hasn’t really slowed down. The two biggest improvements Continue reading

But I Digress – Happy New Year!!


Good morning! Here’s hoping for a safe and happy 2015 to readers and followers alike!

On this last day of 2014, I’d like to take the time to thank my collection of loyal followers for a great blogging year. The folks at WordPress, the hosts of my blogsite, have provided me with an annual report. Though they made it possible for me to share that report in its entirety, I decided instead to highlight and share links to my favorite blogs and feature a gallery of my favorite photos of 2014. Continue reading

A Satisfying Retirement (With Apologies to Bob Lowry)

Buckeye, AZ

Department of Credit Where Credit Is Due

It wouldn’t be a good idea to start off my first blog post by plagiarizing someone else’s blog title. It just so happens that Bob’s blog was one of the catalysts for beginning this blog series, along with my son, Joshua, who blogs on The People’s Press Project (The People’s Palate). Continue reading