Cellpic Sunday – 16 December 2018

Thomas, Nebraska.

Almost a month ago, I shared an image captured in the Sand Hills of Nebraska and provided some background of the area. A few miles further down the road, I captured a couple of images and created a Sandhill panorama captured just off highway 83 with my Samsung S7 cell phone. In most browsers, you can click on the image to enlarge it for a higher resolution view. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 18 November 2018

North Platte, Nebraska.

On our routine trips between Arizona and North Dakota each fall and spring, I often take US Highway 83 through parts of South Dakota and Nebraska, connecting with I-90 and I-80 in transit. At the I-80 end, after a 10-hour drive (with stops) from Fargo, we overnight at North Platte. Along the way, we pass through the Nebraska Sand Hills.  Continue reading

Golden Spike Tower – Bird’s Eve View of the World’s Largest Train Yard

bailey-yard-1North Platte, Nebraska.

Lynn and I usually stop at North Platte twice a year. It’s an overnight stop on our drive between Buckeye and Fargo each spring and fall. A couple of years ago, I learned that the world’s largest rail switching yard is located just outside of the city, and there is a viewing tower that lets you observe the yard from a higher vantage point. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday (and WPC Half-light) – 27 March 2016

DismalRiverBWThedford, Nebraska.

Late yesterday my wife and I completed our biannual three-day trek between our winter and summer homes. After arriving in Albuquerque on Friday evening, I used my iPad to post my weekly photo challenge response. I didn’t, however, do anything more than the minimum that the challenge requested. I simply posted a photograph taken at dusk. In conjunction with today’s Cellpic Sunday selection, I’d like to submit a second entry to the challenge post for the week. Krista’s challenge involves sharing more than a photo. She adds to the challenge by asking us to link the photograph to a “favorite poem, verse, story, or song lyric.” You can read the entire challenge post here. Continue reading