Cellpic Sunday – 5 November 2017

Fargo, North Dakota.

Last night, I was scanning my presets in the car while on our way to dinner. I happened to notice on my XM Radio a photo of someone who looked pretty familiar. Now I don’t listen to bluegrass music much but there on the Bluegrass Junction channel was Bill Clifton. Huh? SiriusXM publishes small images of the artists to display on the radio screen.  Continue reading


Cellpic Sunday – 29 October 2017

West Fargo, North Dakota.

On a shopping trip to Costco last Sunday afternoon, we were just finishing up when Lynn ran into an old friend. We were chatting with her when we heard a loud bird whistle. Lynn’s friend looked up and marveled that someone would let a bird into the store. I said, “What???!!!” Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Glow

Turtle River State Park, North Dakota.

This week, Jen H asks us to share something that glows. She references one possibility that photographers refer to as the Golden Hour. She writes, “The Golden Hour is the time of day before sunset or after sunrise, when the light is soft and glowing. It makes for absolutely beautiful photos.” You can read her entire challenge post hereContinue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Structure

“Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain.” — Henry David Thoreau

The opening quote is featured in this week’s photo challenge. In that challenge, Jen H. asks us to look at the “structure of something wonderful.” You can read the entire challenge post here. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 13 August 2017

West Fargo, North Dakota.

Each summer, Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) hosts a week-long convention of their membership. Of interest to the general public, they offer nightly competitions for judging, vendor’s demonstrations and other displays. The conference is held in a different city each year and over the years, it’s been held in West Fargo at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds on eight separate occasions. The 2017 convention was held in West Fargo. Continue reading

Richardton – Home of a Monastery on the North Dakota Prairie

Richardton, North Dakota.

On our way to Albuquerque and our annual family reunion, we headed west to travel a new route to Denver. Instead of our usual trip south to I-80, we headed on I-94 west and then south through Rapid City to spend some time in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Our route took us west to Dickinson, ND then south to Sturgis. As we got near the small town of Richardton, the two tall spires of the parish at Richardton’s Assumption Abbey rose above the town. Continue reading

But I Digress – Social Media

Fargo, North Dakota.

On this Monochrome Monday, I thought I would share my social media connections with you. Each week I feature a different theme and once a day I post an image to my social media accounts. Most are images from my gallery, not all of them were published here on Journeys with Johnbo. This week’s theme is #SteamIsKing and features both fixed and mobile steam engines captured on my travels.  Continue reading