Cellpic Sunday – 23 April 2017

Washington, D.C.

In early March, I made the annual trip to Washington D.C. to the National Winter Conference for Civil Air Patrol (CAP). Part of that trip’s purpose is for every state’s CAP wing to visit with our Senators and Representatives to brief them on our previous year’s activities in their state. Continue reading


Cellpic Sunday – 5 March 2017

sakakawea-1Washington DC.

This week, I am spending a few days in our nation’s capital on Civil Air Patrol business. For my friends and family in North Dakota, I am bringing home this cellpic of Sakakawea, photographed in the Emancipation Hall at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center. Sakakawea is linked to North Dakota because as a Shoshone child, she was captured by Hidatsa tribe in what is now North Dakota. Continue reading

Washington D.C. – Getting Around With the Metro

Metro-1Washington D.C.

Technically, our trip to Washington D.C. was really a trip to Arlington, Virginia where our hotel and our conference was located, specifically the Crystal City Marriott Hotel. Our work on Thursday, however, was to meet with the legislators for our respective states. Fortunately, a short walk from our hotel through an underground mall brought us to the Crystal City Metro stop. Continue reading

International Spy Museum – Assume Nothing

Spy Museum-8

Washington D.C.

Yes, that unassuming piece of dog excrement could just be a radio transmitter. The photo above features one of the items espionage agencies really used in their daily lives, James Bond’s Q notwithstanding. This 1970s artifact is just one of many “spy tools” on display at the International Spy Museum. Continue reading

Ford’s Theatre – Where Lincoln’s Legacy Lives

Fords Theater-1Washington, DC.

On one fateful day for our country, April 14, 1865; Ford’s Theatre closed and remained so for over a century. In 1968, the theater opened again in cooperation with the National Park Service and a private organization known as Ford’s Theatre Society. The theater is not only a historic site, it is also a museum and a working theater. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 3 April 2016

Union Station-1Washington D.C.

Note: I meant to schedule this post to run on Sunday… You know.. Cellpic Sunday and all! Accidently hit the Publish button before setting the date… so, one day early, here’s my weekly cellpic photo.

Today’s Cellpic Sunday photo is a sneak preview of an upcoming travel post featuring a walk around the DC metro. Union Station, completed in 1908, was a rail hub for most of the 20th century. Most of its rail use was in the first half, however it still operates as an Amtrak depot as well as a tourist attraction and visitor center. Continue reading