Seattle – Where Grunge Refers to Music


Seattle, Washington

Over a year ago, (August 2014), my wife, Lynn, and other members of the family, departed Seattle on an Alaska cruise. That cruise is well documented in this blog. Select the category ‘Alaska’, or search for the term, and you can find the posts referencing each stop (except for Victoria, BC, Canada), which is also covered. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday

Seattle, Washington

This morning, I thought I would try a new photo feature. I am calling it Cellpic Sunday. The rules are simple. The photo must have been taken by a mobile device and edited by that device (or another mobile device.) This image was captured in August 2014 from a cruise ship on our way to Alaska and points north.

Taken with a Samsung S6 and edited with Snapseed.

Happy fathers Day to those who honor the day.

John Steiner