But I Digress… Daily Photo Buckets

Montezuma Well, Arizona.

For Monochrome Monday, check out this sycamore tree. With seeming intelligence beyond my expectation, this sycamore needed to wrap around a cliff ledge overhang in order to achieve maximum sunlight. If your eyes follow the trunk to the extreme top of the image, you’ll see the edge of the cliff that it had to negotiate around. Continue reading

But I Digress… An Anniversary and a Preview

Canyon de Chelly-31

View of Canyon de Chelly along the southern route.


Buckeye, Arizona.

Today’s digression is written to note the third anniversary of Journeys with Johnbo. A couple of days ago, I got a note from WordPress that my account was opened on March 16, 2013. It took me two days to learn enough about WordPress to put together my first blog post and for the first time, click on the “Publish” button. Continue reading