Cellpic Sunday – 3 September 2017

San Antonio, Texas.

Near the Alamo and a large mall and shopping complex in downtown San Antonio, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church sits surrounded by a multi-story retail center known as Rivercenter. I’m in San Antonio for a conference being held at the Rivercenter Marriott hotel. In the mornings, before I spend the day sitting in conference meetings, I go out for a walk. If I head west from the hotel, I pass by this beautiful old church.  Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge – Structure

“Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain.” — Henry David Thoreau

The opening quote is featured in this week’s photo challenge. In that challenge, Jen H. asks us to look at the “structure of something wonderful.” You can read the entire challenge post here. Continue reading

Iron Mountain Road – It’s the Journey not the Destination

Keystone, South Dakota.

What’s so special about that tunnel in the opening photo that would cause a perfectly normal person to stand in the roadway to take a photo (and for someone to stand behind her to take another photo?) Look closely inside the tunnel. Here, I’ll help you. Check the photo below using my zoom lens. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 27 August 2017

Keystone, South Dakota.

On this week’s Travel Tuesday, our journey took us to the Mountain of the Presidents, Mount Rushmore. Even though I brought my “good camera”, I know I need posts for Cellpic Sunday. I usually grab a shot or two using my cellphone to feature here. Did you know how long George Washington’s face is?  Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Corner

Ben Huberman provided this week’s photo challenge theme, one aspect of which is, “…literally a turning point, full of tension and potential.” Of course, he also notes that a corner is “the point where converging lines, edges, or sides meet.” You can read the entire challenge post here. Continue reading

Mount Rushmore – The President’s Mountain

Keystone, South Dakota.

Every year, more than three million people visit the President’s Mountain nestled in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This year, Lynn and I will be counted as two who have again stopped by. Many people know of Gutzon Borglum was the sculptor of the almost million dollar project that was completed in 1941. However, according to an article linked below, the idea came from Doane Robinson as an attraction to draw people to South Dakota. The idea was obviously a giant success. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – World Photo Day

Spur Cross Ranch, Arizona.

I am writing this on Saturday, which happens to be World Photo Day. As a result, the cellular picture captured above is less about the story behind the photo and more about the technology that created the photo. In 2009, Korske Ara, an Australian photographer with a passion for his craft and a desire to use that craft to inspire positive change started an annual celebration of the technology. From simple beginnings, an audience of 500 million have committed to share their stories. Continue reading