Tamarac Wildlife Refuge

Rochert, Minnesota.

On many occasions, we’ve traveled on Minnesota Highway 34 between Detroit Lakes and Itasca. About 8 miles (13 km) east of Detroit Lakes, a sign points north marking the way to the Tamarack Wildlife Refuge. There have been many times we’d like to head in that direction, but we were always on the way to somewhere else. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved

First off, please accept this note of apology for my tardiness. My Photo Challenge post is late this week as I have been away on a family cruise. I purposely bought the most minimal Internet package and had no access to web browsing or email until I returned last weekend. Even though I had my photo gallery with me, I took a break from the daily grind of Internet access, except for social posts on my personal Facebook page. Now, on to my challenge response.

This week, Jen H. asks us to share a photo of something that is dearly loved. She shared an image of an old teddy bear, now a family heirloom. You can read the entire challenge post here. I have always enjoyed the architectural beauty of our nation’s churches but only lately have included some of these beloved houses of worship in my photographic itinerary. In the opening photo, the dual spires of the parish at the Richardton Abbey in North Dakota is my focus. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 4 February 2018

Somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean.

Today’s Cellpic Sunday is being posted later than usual. Yesterday evening, well past our normal bedtime, we arrived home from a week’s stay on the Carnival Magic where we spent a week with several family members on a cruise organized by one of my nephews. For the next few Cellpic Sundays, you can expect to see some of the images I captured on our journey through the Eastern Caribbean islands. In future weeks, as I have time to process them, I’ll be sharing the journey in HDR (high dynamic range) images. Continue reading

San Antonio River Cruise – Views Along the Urban Waterway

San Antonio, Texas.

A national conference brought me to San Antonio for the first time. Regular readers already know that I spent much of my free time during my week-long stay just outside our hotel enjoying the sights and sounds of the River Walk. Of the many sights and historic locations in this beautiful Texas city, the River Walk is probably the best bang for the buck. It costs you only your time unless you choose to spend your money at one of the many restaurants and other shops that line the canal. You can read more about the canal from my earlier post here. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 28 January 2018

Bryce Canyon, Utah.

In October 2013, we headed for Arizona via Utah visiting three National Parks in that beautiful state. The morning we headed toward Bryce, we were surprised by a beautiful snowfall. I’ve shared some of those photos before, but only recently, I discovered a misfiled collection of images from the Utah trip that were captured by my cell phone. The photo above is one of those recently discovered images. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Variations on a Theme

Buckeye, Arizona.

This week, Ben Huberman asks us to “show the same thing – an object, place, or person – presented in several different ways. You can read the entire challenge post here.  This challenge was easy. Lynn and I winter in a small house in a development that’s near some public desert land. It’s less than a two-mile drive to “leave the city” and be alone in the desert. It’s a great place to view Arizona’s magnificent sunsets. Continue reading

Saint Joseph’s Cathedral – A Beacon of Hope

Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

A chance view through my telephoto lens at a couple of spires in the distance introduced me to the Cathedral of Saint Joseph. Last week, I featured a photo story of Falls Park. At the top of the observation tower, there is a view of downtown Sioux Falls. Though the spires I saw looked to be a long distance from the observation tower where I first saw them, a volunteer at the Falls Park Information Center provided a map and pointed out that the drive would last but a few minutes through downtown. The history of missions and churches is truly the history of mankind. Continue reading