3D Thursday – Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington Bugler-1Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.

The former estate of Robert E. Lee is now the final resting place for nearly half a million veterans, statesmen and their families. Continue reading


3D Thursday – Legends of the Superstitions

Superstitions-3D-1Apache Junction, Arizona.

Standing guard above the east end of the Phoenix metro, the 3,000-foot (900 m) Superstition Mountains is a place of legends, of Jacob Walz, the Lost Dutchman Mine and incomplete treasure maps. Continue reading

3D Thursday – Coronado, California


Coronado Beach-3D-1Coronado Island, California.

When you are in San Diego, make it a point to travel to Coronado Island. Visit the iconic Hotel Del Coronado and take a walk on the beach. You will likely find a sandcastle or two, and if you are lucky, you will get to meet Bill Pavlacka, the Sandcastle Man. Bill often spends eight hours or more creating sand sculptures. To see examples of his castle art, you can visit his website here. Continue reading