Arizona Sonora Museum – Raptors in Flight

az-sonora-desert-museum-13Tucson, Arizona.

Somewhere over the Sonoran Desert, a Harris Hawk is on the hunt. These magnificent raptors hunt in a group. You can see them along with other raptors at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum’s Raptor Free Flight. But if you’re going to make the trip to one of Tucson’s most popular visitor attractions, you’ll want to do it by April 2, the last day of this season’s performances. A winter attraction, the flights will start again in October and twice a day at 10 AM and 2 PM, audiences will thrill to the sight of these beautiful and graceful hunters. You can visit the museum year round. It is only the raptor flights that are scheduled in the cooler months. Continue reading

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum – A Living Tribute to Desert Plants and Animals

park-zoo-2Tucson, Arizona.

I would call it misnamed. The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. OK, so it’s in Arizona and it’s in the Sonoran Desert. That’s fine. It’s the word “Museum” that I think doesn’t fit. Botanical Garden? Arboretum? Zoo? Wildlife Park? Nature Conservancy? How about all of the above? Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Graceful

az-sonora-desert-museum-7Tucson, Arizona.

This week, Ben Huberman asks us to share something that exists harmoniously with its surroundings. He writes, “Gracefulness is a tricky quality – it manifests itself as an effortless, subtle harmony between a subject and its environment.” You can read the entire challenge post here. Continue reading