Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

Arlington, Virginia.

This week, Cheri Lucas Rowlands challenges us to “capture silence in a photograph.” I immediately thought of one place, a place where silence is eternal. Arlington National Cemetery, the resting place of hundreds of thousands of those who served their country in their lifetime. You can read her entire challenge post here. Continue reading

3D Thursday – Ira Hayes


Arlington, Virginia.

This week I started experimenting with a new (to me) photo processing technique. OK, so it’s kinda gimmicky, but these are fun to do. I first saw one of these images on Facebook. The 3D Pop Out photos I saw were done in Photoshop, a tool I don’t happen to have. Searching on YouTube eventually rewarded me with a tutorial on creating these shots in Photoshop Elements, a tool that I do happen to have and use on occasion. Continue reading

Arlington National Cemetery – Honor, Remember, Explore

Arlington 2016-4

Arlington, Virginia.

Some of my readers are aware of my interest in aviation and membership in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), a voluntary organization that is an auxiliary to the United States Air Force. Due to a change in my position within the organization, I was asked to accompany our state commander, (known officially in the organization as the North Dakota Wing Commander)  to Washington DC for the winter national conference.  The North Dakota delegation also included the North Dakota Wing Director of Cadet Programs, Captain Justin McDowell.   Continue reading