Cellpic Sunday – 6 September 2020

Casselton, North Dakota.

On a recent trip to Casselton where the North Dakota Wing Civil Air Patrol (CAP) homes their glider, in the distance, I heard train whistles blowing the warning at road intersections as the engine drew closer. Normally, when the train passes the airport just yards from the airport border, it’s usually a Burlington Northern freight train. This time, I was surprised to see Red River Valley and Western livery on the two engines that were headed southerly. (Livery in this context means an insignia or symbol that identifies the object as it relates to an individual or corporation.) Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 8 September 2019

Casselton, North Dakota.

On a summer day, what better way to spend the afternoon at the airport. On this mid-August day, I was content to work on the ground crew as we certified a new tow pilot and did some flight proficiency training for the glider pilots who were there that day. As the tasks were winding down, I was invited to take the front seat for a ride. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 11 September 2016

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Casselton, North Dakota.

This week, North Dakota Wing Civil Air Patrol’s gliding activities included one glider pilot’s annual check ride and several training flights. I was the tow pilot for the nine flights. The wind was directly across the runway but fortunately not strong enough to be a problem for our operations. Crosswinds, indeed winds in general are often the first level of weather issues that shut down glider operations in North Dakota. Continue reading