Cheyenne Wyoming – A Walking Tour on their 150 Year Anniversary

Cheyenne, Wyoming.

After leaving Mount Rushmore and the drive along the Iron Mountain Road, our next stop could have been Georgetown Colorado, but it would have been another two and a half hours, and a very late arrival. We decided instead to layover at Cheyenne, Wyoming. Coincidently, we noted on signage around the city that Cheyenne is celebrating their 150th anniversary. The city today is a major hub at the intersection of Interstate 25 and Interstate 80, as well as the home of two railroads.  Looking for something to do, we asked at the hotel front desk what might be going on in town on a Saturday night. The desk clerk told us to cross the big bridge and check out the old Depot Plaza. On Friday nights, they have a concert called “Fridays on the Plaza.”

“But…”, I protested. “It’s Saturday night.” Continue reading