Cellpic Sunday – 3 January 2021

Enchanted Highway, North Dakota.

In Western North Dakota, a stretch of highway between Gladstone and Regent contains the world’s largest collection of scrap metal sculptures. This giant grasshopper is just part of the display at this location. Just to the right of the large sculpture, you can see one of the much smaller sculptures at this site. Each stop has a large parking area, a place to enjoy the view, and just maybe have a picnic lunch or snack. The 32-mile (51 km) section of highway was the dream come to fruition of metal sculptor Gary Greff. Continue reading

The Enchanted Highway – Visit the Sculptures and Enjoy the Scenery


Gladstone, North Dakota

If you find yourself traveling along I-94 between Bismarck and Dickinson North Dakota, you’ll probably find it hard to miss the large sculpture of called “Geese in Flight.” At exit 72, (near Gladstone), you’ll find a small parking area underneath the large sculpture. Continue reading