Monochrome Monday – Alaska’s Glacier Bay

glacier-bay-1Glacier Bay, Alaska.

I was scrolling through my library looking for a photo for a project, and in the process I was scanning through all the images I captured in Glacier bay. It was a completely overcast day with very low cloud ceilings. I spotted the image above, in full color, unprocessed from my camera’s RAW image format. Continue reading

Glacier Bay – From Summit to Sea, 3.3 Million Acres of Alaskan Landscapes

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

The highlight of an Alaskan Cruise is the day spent in Glacier Bay. Ours wasn’t the perfect day, but the low clouds added a sense of drama to the images I brought home. One of the most interesting discoveries I made when I got home and reviewed the photographs was the vivid colors of the terrain. Continue reading