Itasca – Headwaters of the Mississippi


Itasca State Park, Minnesota.

Regular readers have seen some of my previous posts from the state park that is the “home port” of the mighty Mississippi River. When our friend Fred Mast was passing through Fargo on his way to points east, he stopped by for a few days and I shared some of our local sights. Our longest trip from Fargo was a two-hour drive to the Itasca State Park, Minnesota’s oldest state park. In the opening photo, Fred straddles a couple of rocks, behind him, Lake Itasca; flowing around and beneath him, the Old Man River, the Big Muddy begins its 2550 mile (4103 km) trek southward to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. Continue reading

A Summer Day in Northern Minnesota

Lake Itasca at the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

Park Rapids, Minnesota

A few days ago, my wife, Lynn, and I went to Park Rapids to visit some friends. We planned a drive through Itasca State Park to see the headwaters of the Mississippi River in the morning, Continue reading